The story behind Into the Brand

I am Nathalia Montenegro. I was born and raised in Brazil, I lived in some countries like New Zealand and France, and now I am happy to call Portugal my home.

After years of gaining experience inside and out of companies, starting business, and leading brand management departments, in 2016 I started my own consultancy company to help leaders and managers to align their brands and expand to its potential.

What I mean by "expand" is not necessarily by growing the business in size. It would depend on the leader's goals. Sometimes expand consciousness on the brand and business can mean serving better your customers, delivering more value, and feeling more connected with the business you are building because it means something bigger to you and to others.

It happens to companies 10+ years old. It gets to a point where movement and transformation are key to keep it up. But it is common to feel stuck, like it has reached a plateau. That happens because of the lack of clarity on the potential of your brand. It's just too much to take care of around you that it is hard to see where to go. And here is where I come in to take you into a journey, your journey, to your paradise.

I developed a methodology that will take you from confused and feeling stuck, to a clear and fulfilling vision and direction for your brand and business, and how to get there. Having in mind the important to integrate the brand and business, adding the key to success: a human perspective and sensibility.

Some clients fondly call it also"brand therapy" :)
I would just say it is a humanized work with a long-term sustainable vision.