Have you ever felt...

that your company has the potential to be much more than it is now, but you are unsure of the next step to make it happen? With so many years on the market, it is time to expand and go to the next level.

But with all that "overwhelming information" inside and out of you, it is hard to see and think clearly. I understand you.

My name is Nathalia Montenegro, founder, and strategist at Into the Brand.

I invite you to see from another perspective, your brand, the way business is developed, and the way we relate to work. Let's leverage together consciousness about your business, the power of your brand, and get clear about the direction you want to go and how to get there.

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3 Solutions to serve you better

"Como saber se a Into the Brand vai funcionar tão bem pra mim ? (checklist)

Shot of Clarity

Do you need guidance with a specific challenge?

Just schedule a consulting session with me. If you are an entrepreneur, executive or marketing manager and has any question on positioning, brand management, connection with ideal audience, product development or goal setting.

What you can wait from this session is clarity and direction on your next steps to act to overcome your challenge.

Brand Review


The brand review is ideal for your company if you already have some online presence and wants to know if your messaging and presentation are coherent with your goals and with the target audience you want to reach.

How is this different from the shots of clarity?

The shot of clarity is a session focused on helping you with a specific challenge or specific direction you already have in mind and present to us.

The brand review is an UPGRADE of the shots of clarity. Besides tackling some challenges you might have, it is a review of your brand and goals, to point and guide which points you should work on and adjust that are stopping your business to become what you want and expect.

+ Review and audit of your company online points of contact.
+ one consultancy session of 2 hours with suggestions on how to act aligned with your goals.

What are the next steps?

1. Click on the button below and fill the form. We will get back to you in 24hrs.

2. You will receive an email with the link to schedule a meeting, on the best day and time for you, and some information to take the most from our session.

3. We will meet on the video call, at the time and date chosen by you, to dive deep into your brand and business!


Brand Matrix & platform

"The guide to the top of the mountain."

Brand strategy & business guidance

If you feel your company is on a plateau, and you need to give it a refresh it and expand, the Brand matrix & platform is the best choice if you want to uncover and use the potential of your brand into your business.

This is a program that follows a 6 phases methodology that results in an actionable plan of action and the brand platform that offers clarity and giver direction to the business and how to achieve its goals.

During this project, I will guide you and build with you guidelines that will help you to design the business you ever dreamed of.

How does it work?

The development of the project has a duration of 4 months, with 2 hours of weekly sessions and full-time follow-up and access through our workspace that will be created.

What you can wait for as a final delivery is: 

• A clear and concise document that points the brand story, brand direction, guidelines for business, brand & business goals, and a foundation to guide and support the operational part of the business and decision making on the company.

• Plan of action to the brand and business - step by step - to achieve the defined goals, based on OKRs method (Objective and key results), to expand with consistency aligned with the brand matrix.

Besides that you will gain greater value through the whole process of the 6 phases methodology as:

•  Clarity of brand identity, goals & storytelling.
•  Consciousness on the direction to go to get your goals.
•  Consciousness on the potentialities of your brand to expand with consistency.
• Ownership of the brand philosophy and guidelines to keep innovating with autonomy.

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Expandir os negócios para o online e atingir novos mercado?

Potencializar o que já fazem de melhor?

Evoluir a marca e expandir com consistência?
Se a sua resposta foi SIM para pelo menos 2 das perguntas, isso já mostra que podemos criar juntos um futuro para o seu negócio.
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Step by step plan

To structure ideas, define priorities, and set guidelines to reach your brand and business goals.
Finding the best fit positioning to make your brand stand out.and getting clear on your vision.


About what is your unique story and the potential business opportunities from that.